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jane loves talent

if you're a ninja in the kitchen, a southern hospitality guru, a management or growth architect, or any other supporting characters like dish captains, prep ninjas, tour guides...we would love to hear from you.

jane bond is a fun place to work.  from the bbq shack, to the bbq mobile, to outside catering venues, there is lots of learning & growth opportunity.  Show us your best & we will give you the best.

Opportunity for benefits for ft team members & bonuses for highly driven individuals.

apply today by emailing resume & cover letter to manager@janebondbbq.com

or do the old skool thing and bring it in person weekdays from 2-4pm.

best wishes.

chef jenny b.  founder & brand growth architect

"come to me with solutions"

"you can design your own job if you show me how it grows the company"