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John Gilchrist: Dreaming of a down-home barbecue Christmas? Jane Bond and other Q shacks firing up the smokers around town

Jenny Burthwright Chef & Proprietor

As a self-trained chef and entrepreneur, I began my venture 6 years ago with a bit of a 'beater' style food truck which started out serving Mongolian grill cuisine. Over 3 years the culinary vision transformed with the addition of Jane Bond Catering.

From there the vision turned towards a unique style of BBQ incorporating elements of my Jamaican roots, along with various influences of my training lending to the opening of Jane Bond BBQ Restaurant and Lounge located in the heart of International Avenue.

Jane Bond will continue growth and sharing its culinary vision with food lovers alike.  More locations coming soon...

Personal Chef Services - Alejandro Inaritu

Jane bond catering had the pleasure of providing personal chef services to the world renowned director of The Revenant , Alejandro Inaritu during his work here in Alberta.

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