If It Was Easy, Everyone Would Be Doing It

I Enjoy Being Exceptional.

It's what drives me.  It's what sets me a part from the critics and won't doers.  It's what society relies on to survive & thrive.  it's where every single business got it's start.  with someone exceptional, a great idea, and a tone of drive.

 #ChallengesAreSnacks #ComeBackStronger

I have grinded to accomplish a string of amazing accolades over a decade of building this food brand.  With NO investors, through incredible challenges, impossible business partners, the least skilled labour force challenges, sacrificing pay cheques to invest in growth, and navigating and learning a multitude of skills to push forward.

I want To Help you Achieve your Goals.  


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Part Time Business Parter

get the help you need without giving up your shares!

  • 20 Years Experience restaurant & Entrepreneurship

  • Menu Development, Optimizing, Costing and Cost Reduction

  • Process Optimizing, change management, develop operating Systems 

  • Recruitment, Training & labour planning with cost reduction

  • Marketing Strategy Planning & execution planning

  • construction Management: Design, Contract, Project Manage and Build

  • Online Ordering Design and Set Up (w built in up-sells) - reduce service labour cost!

  • Smoking and Grilling Technique training

  • Increase Profit Margins:  Financial Analysis and Book-Keeping Advisement

  • Catering 101 - expand your revenue channels

  • Ad Set-Up Design & Management

  • Video & Editing

  • Content Writing

  • Press Releases

  • Motivational Meetings:  Public Speaking & Leadership Building

  • Contract Negotiation


HOUR $120 / HR. 

$550 / 5 HRS. 

$1000 10 HRS. 

$2250 / 25 HRS.

Retainer:  $1,000+ / month (10+ hrs)

A fire masters chef

i've always been an entrepreneur first.  cooking comes naturally, but that is the final skill set required for growing a business.  not the first, second or even third! 

i have designed, project managed and even physically built my most recent restaurant from 2 day demolition, to open in just 3 months, on a skinny DIY budget!

growth & change management is where i excel, and is where success is born. 

without change, we don't grow. 

so get ready to live outside of your comfort zone. 

That's where life really begins!

my resume

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