chef Life is a grind & it can be a financial squeeze.  You only have so many hours, skilled labour dollars, storage and equipment capacity, and let's face it, you can only do sooo many things really well Let US do the smoking!  Albertan’s Heart Smoked meat.  We Smoke it best, so you can just heat & serve! jane bond bbq wholesale...growing together.  use our loved products, and our brand clout.  Custom smoking & slow roasting requests are welcome.  Please contact us for samples and product consult.
Chef Jenny B - consulting for restaurant and catering operation, design and build $75/hr off site, $90/on premise.  call for a free consult. 

jane bond bbq Wholesale!  (high volume accounts can be assessed for lower pricing)

whole smoked AAA briskets  $12/LB - sell price: $22-$28/LB premium cut!

sliced smoked briskets 2LB Bags  $15/LB - sell price: $22-$28/LB heat & serve!

smoked & pulled pig butt  $9/LB - sell price: $16-$24/LB pink, tender, juicy!

brined & smoked st. louis ribs  $9.5/LB - sell price: $18-$24/LB tender!

whole smoked chickens  $13 ea. - sell price: $36-$48 try our hand crafted Rubs!  

original bbq sauce  $28/5L - sell price: $1-$1.5/oz notes of coffee & peaches.

carolina sauce  $36/5L - sell price: $1-$1.75/oz zesty creamed honey mustard.

jamaican jerk sauce  $26/1L - sell price: $1-$3/oz popular island flavour!

smoked jackfruit hot sauce  $26/1L - sell price: $1-$2/oz scotch bonnet peppers!

creamy sesame slaw dressing  $28/5L - sell price: $1-$2/oz the slaw everyone love's

anchovy caesar dressing  $48/5L - sell price: $1/oz thick, rich FULL flavour!

coconut cornbread dry mix  $19/5L - sell price: $.5-$1/oz our famous recipe!

Tennessee sweet tea 473ml cans   $3 ea. - sell price: $4-$5.5 add Bourbon!!