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chef Jenny B As Seen On Food Network's Fire Masters!

welcome to jane's @Home BBQ Boxes.

find video recipes w/ chef jenny b, or go ahead & get creative with all of our fixin's!  there are no rules!  look out for instagram #missioncomplete contests, 007 secret discount codes for monthly boxes, mission subscriptions or even just thank you prezzies from our chef!

why jane bond?  we are award winning, nominated best bbq year after year, featured in multi media outlets & our chef jenny be has many cudo accomplishments, such as her celebrity client list, clubhouse spices endorsement, and her food network competition appearance where she battled fiercely to the final round against celebrity chef eddie jackson.  check out the episode!

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meat the chef

i'm Chef Jenny B.

i began jane bond 10 years ago with a rickety old camper van food truck.  you should have seen the looks i got when i pulled up.  but it didn't matter.  i just made the best dishes i could imagine to make every time.

and still, that is what we stand for.  except now, you get to be the chef!

be a food network chef for a night with our Fire masters 'farm to table' box.  this is my final round cook against celebrity chef eddie jackson...it gave him a real run for his money!

southern experience to your door.  we've done all the hard prep and smoke work, for you to be the @home dinner hero within 15-30 minute meals!  

also, if 'he' or 'they' aren't outside tending a smoker for 12 hours (bc we did & packed it for you) your weekend list can get completed, and faster!


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