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Book Your Team, Client, Birthday, Anniversary, or ANY Old Gathering Occasion!

Order online for delivery & pick-up under $1000. 

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coupon code: 'PICKUP'

+online orders save 3% credit card processing feE! 
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group meals are plated in bulk trays unless

individual plating is requested +$4 plate.  
15%-18% gratuity added on all catering orders

 +service & $150 / hr travel charges outside of city. 
3% credit card fee over $500 for invoiced payments.

BBQ Platters! feed 10-15 folks

 Bond platter    $380 

3 lbs st. louis ribs, 1+1/4 LB smoked brisket, 10 pcs dirty south chicken, 1+1/4 pulled pig, 10 pcs andouille sausage, 10 pc cajun corn cobs, 10 pc coconut cornbread, 2 x family sized creamy slaw & beans (32 oz ea.).

 007 platter    $285 

1lb brisket, 1 LB pulled pig, 10 pcs dirty south chicken, 10 PCS andouille sausage, 10 PCS cajun corn Cobs, 10 Coconut cornbread, 3 x family sized creamy slaw & beans (48 oz ea.).

 money penny platter    $250 

1 LB pulled pig, 10 pcs grilled chicken, 10 andouille sausages, 10 cornbread, family sized slaw, family beans.

Classic combos    $180-$250 

see our featured cater classic combos by clicking to order online.  single meat combos from jerk chicken, tandoori chicken, brisket, pulled pig, OR crawfish & andouille.

grab a paired down combo, for every day team lunches!

po' boy platters    $150-$210 

Our award winning smoked meat stuffed into toasted brioche buns w bitter peach bbq sauce and pickle.  served with creamy slaw and beans to feed 10 folks!  Perfect team lunches!

classic Sides

coconut cornbread  $4 

creamy slaw 8oz  $6.5 4oz  $3.5 

baked beans 8oz  $6.5  4oz  $3.5 

cajun corn COBB    $4 

MAC 'N' CHEESE    $8 

caesar salad    $7.5 

FRIES    $6.5 

O'RINGS   $7.5 


po' Boys

smoked brisket   $14 min 5+

smoked pulled pig   $12 min 5+

grilled chicken    $13 min 5+

salad Bowls

caper caesar salad   $55

balsamic garden   $55

sesame coleslaw    $55

see online or PDF menu for sides & add-on items!

jane's tea & Bevvies

 jane's island sweet tea  $4.5

 grizzly sodas cans    $3.5

 classic pops   $2.5

 water bottles    $2.5

 wine, beer, berbon island sweet tea      by request 

pecan Pie

 by the slice   $6.5

 by the pie (8 slices)    $26

SMOKEd & Grilled

smoked brisket  $170/ 5lb 

smoked spare ribs   $120/ 5lb 

smoked pulled pig   $150/ 5lb 

grilled chicken    $160/ 5lb 

10 andouille sausage links    $90 

fried catfish bites appy    $90 / 3LBS (serves 10-12) 

crawfish appy     $90 / 3LBS (serves 10-12)