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This Box represents a Journey.  The Journey of Chef Jenny B.  The Journey of #PlayingwithFire.  The Journey of Women in Business.  This is our Celebration of SHE Box.  Big Thanks to the amazing women who have supported our journey.  Big thanks for Chef Connie Desouza for her support of the Jane Bond brand, and helping hand in our Fire Master's appearance.  It is gestures like that which help our community grow.  So here's one back.  


Every Fire Masters SHE Box sold will donate $5 to an Entrepreneur with a GIANT Heart and a Brand that gives to so many causes.  A Brand that represent human values, and a woman behind the brand who we want to see rise.  

Introducing X-Hale Brew Co. and it's fearless and talented Aussie born Brew Master - Xtina.  @XhaleBrewCo 

GO FUND HER.  BUY A BOX.  Check Out X-Hale  https://xhale-brew-co.myshopify.com/  Provocative & Socially Conscious Beer.  Supporting this brand supports all the initiatives and fund raising they stand for.  Help an Entrepreneur Help Others!  What a great deal!  To donate direct go here ATB Go Fund Page

LOOK OUT for our Fire Master's Edition Brew by Cold Garden - every 4Pack Sold will donate $1 to X-Brew Co.  Thanks to Blake @ColdGarden for kicking up the smoke in this Peachy Amber Ale brewed in celebration of Chef Jenny B's Fire Masters appearance, and in celebration of SHE.  SHE is beautiful.  YOU are beautiful.  COLOUR is beautiful.

Did YOU know...Small Business in the private sector employ THE most Canadians.   8.4 million individuals in Canada, or 68.8 percent of the total private labour force.  That means our overall contribution to federal and provincial taxes are substantially higher than other sectors as well.  So support your local businesses who support the Canadian economy and work force.  Be kind when reviewing.  Thoughtful in your words.  And compassionate towards the utmost challenge entrepreneurs face when growing a business.  These are challenges most people would not be able to fathom.  Practice consideration before airing judgements.  Let's be kind and supportive humans.  Chef.

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